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Mission Statement

Our focus is to improve the planned and built environment in Midland by incorporating innovative design, cohesive architecture, connectivity, and quality pedestrian spaces.


Quality of Place is the name of the organizing committee that is overseeing the development of the Hogan Park Initiative, a $55 million project and its fundraising in cooperation with the City of Midland and the adjacent Sibley Nature Center.
In partnership with the Midland Parks and Recreation Department, the Quality of Place Conservancy (QOPC), a private, 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, will operate and maintain Hogan Park, as well as oversee visitor services, conservation, stewardship and special events.


I think that the Conservancy is going to really be a gift to future generations of Midland, because it can be a vehicle for us to improve other projects, not just hoping.

– Jack Ladd

So I think the Conservancy is a perfect solution for tackling this issue of the fact that we have no architectural identity, we’re lacking in amenities and innovation that really represents the people of Midland. And the Conservancy really is the best answer to tackle all of these problems to help Midland as a whole, but also each Midlander individually.

– Kristina Johnson


About Quality of Place Conservancy

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Hogan Park Rendering Flyover

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Brand Guidelines

Please submit a request before using the Quality of Place Conservancy logo with any other brand or in co-branded communications. Additional logo variations and file types available upon request.
Logos should be clear and not-pixelated. Please only use the colors below which are provided: black, dark grey, or white. Use the QP rectangle icon as a measurement for how much space should be around the logos when used.
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