(August 9, 2022-Midland, TX) Permian Basin Quality of Place Conservancy is excited to announce that the first of 14 renovated youth baseball/softball turf fields at Hogan Park will be named ConocoPhillips Field following the company’s recent $1 million donation to the project.


“We believe in investing in areas that improve the quality of life in communities where our employees work, live and raise their families,” said Vice President Scott Kidwell.  “By supporting the park’s renovation, we’re ensuring Midland’s next generation enjoys Hogan Park for years to come.”


Each of the baseball/softball fields will be 300’ fields.  “Providing first class facilities to the youth in our community is an important part of this project,” said Quality of Place board member Chris Ginsbach.  “The gift from ConocoPhillips helps provides new opportunities to our citizens that Midland has lacked in the past.”  In addition to the 14 turf baseball/softball fields Hogan will feature four baseball/softball grass practice fields and five, full-sized multipurpose turf fields.  The multipurpose fields will primarily be used for soccer, football and lacrosse with the potential to be used for other sports as well.  Full-size fields allow for participants of all age groups to utilize the fields for both recreational and competitive levels of play.


In addition to new sports fields, the reimagined 128-acre Hogan Park will include shaded canopies and lawns for the community to gather, rest, picnic and play.  The park will also feature up to seven miles of beautiful trails connected to the existing Sibley Nature trails and Midland’s future hike/bike system, playgrounds and splashpad.