About Us

Who We Are

Quality of Place is the name of the organizing committee that is overseeing the development of the Hogan Park Initiative, a $55 million project and its fundraising in cooperation with the City of Midland and the adjacent Sibley Nature Center.

In partnership with the Midland Parks and Recreation Department, the Quality of Place Conservancy (QOPC), a private, 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, will operate and maintain Hogan Park, as well as oversee visitor services, conservation, stewardship and special events.

Our Mission

Our focus is to improve the planned and built environment in Midland by incorporating innovative design, cohesive architecture, connectivity, and quality pedestrian spaces.

The Need for Greenspace

As Midland continues to grow, providing quality greenspaces for our citizens is increasingly important.


Research has shown benefits include:

  • Promoting Healthy Lifestyles
  • Reducing Stress & Mental Health Issues
  • Increasing Community Cohesion
  • Improving Biodiversity & Air Quality
"We want people to come and be able to enjoy this, to see the Midland-Odessa area as that kind of HQ for events and for environments where you can go and spend a day at a park with some trails and a lot of multi-use stuff for families, for kids, for individuals."
– Chris Ginsbach

What We Value

Excellence & elevating expectations


Broadly attracting the community

Paradigm shifting

Resetting the Bar for civic projects

Connecting the community

Fiscal responsibility & stewardship

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