Quality of Place Conservancy

A successful public & Private Partnership

Our Focus

Our Focus is to ensure the City of Midland’s vibrancy through planned urban areas that fuse together design, architecture, connectivity and quality green pedestrian spaces. The first phase of this initiative will be focused on the 128-acre redevelopment of Hogan Park—a project slated as a priority from the community.

The Hogan Park Initiative:
A Gathering Place

The New Hogan Park will be THE historical turning point in the quality of life of Midland—the epicenter of recreational life, a hub for the people and a shining example of what we can create, together.

A New Park Space to Feature

This is a temporary park page for the future of QoP. Right now, it is a placeholder and will be removed for the final site. When the site goes live, it will just be Hogan Park featured.

About the
Quality of Place Conservancy

In partnership with the Midland Parks and Recreation Department, the Quality of Place Conservancy (QOPC), a private, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, will operate and maintain the park, as well as oversee visitor services, conservation, stewardship, and special events.

"You know, for me it's about making Midland a more family centric place, it's about improving our quality of life. The quality of the people in Midland does not match the quality of the places that we have right now, and I think it's something that we desperately need to remedy."
– Jack Ladd
"It will completely change the way people live, starting with Hogan Park, but again, our vision goes beyond that this is a first step and a very exciting legacy change for Midland."
– Kristina Johnson